With the growth in almost all the industrial sector in the year 2018, the health care industry does not lag behind. It has grown exponentially and is in the continuous growth phase. This demands for investment and expenditure both from the public as well as private investors.

Likewise, with the developing headway, individuals are looking for and requesting for advantageous and reasonable medicinal services. For this, the administration and the private sector is assuming a functioning job in the improvement of the medicinal services area and has presented the arrangement for telemedicine and online pharmacy.

According to the report generated in NITI Aayog Indian government is ought to increase the public expenditure on healthcare from 1.1% to 2.5% GDP in the next four years and to 5% in the next 5 years. Thus it predicts that the nation will be on the path of continuous progression in the healthcare sector.

Health Care Sector in 2018

The last year 2018 has proved to the great year for the progress and development of the health sector in India. The Government became more focused towards the betterment of the health of people and has introduced many Yojanas and Schemes like ‘Ayushman Bharat National Health protection Mission’ and ‘Mission Indradhanush’ that aim towards providing convenient and better health facilities to each and every citizen of India.

Along with this, the digital revolution has led to the development of telemedicine that provides better healthcare facilities even to the rural areas of the country.

Major Trends of the Health Care Sector in the Year 2019

Bouquet Hospital

Moving ahead, the year 2019 is focussing on the rapid growth of single-specialty hospitals and clinics that are changing the appearance of healthcare sectors. Since now only a few areas of healthcare has gained popularity but with the advancement and successful introduction of 'Bouquet hospital' model other categories like fertility, oncology, and maternity is gaining attention and is making their way towards progression.

Budget Hospital

Another major headline that will gain attention in the year 2019 is 'Budget Hospitals'. Such hospitals have already gained good popularity in South India and will introduce in other parts of the countries as well. It will offer great and affordable health treatments to the families that belong to the middle and lower class.

Real-World AI Applications

The year 2019 will prove to be the year of introduction of the most substantial real-world AI applications in image processing for areas like radiology and dermatological lesions.

Increased Research Data Networks

The personal health devices and the routine clinical practices in EHRs, Radiology Imaging, Genomics etc there will be huge commencement of research data networks.

Wrapping Text

All the above factors and the growing advancement in the sector will make India one of the preferable healthcare destinations not only for its own citizen but also for the foreigners. On the basis of the prediction made and the provision for vast and competitive medical facilities will attract population from Sub-Saharan and other countries of the globe that will result in the growth of India's medical tourism in the upcoming years.