With time and advancement, traveling and the mode to travel has developed a lot and is under the continuous process of changes. The travel business has been part of the mobile tech world and soon the companies with the best mobile experience will dominate and rule the digital world. The companies with multiple innovations like data sciences, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, chatbots, voice commands, automation and personalization, virtual reality and much more will move ahead and will bring an evolving change to the travel distribution.

Since today many travel businesses are taking initiatives to keep their travelers happy by offering fast, simple, and effective traveling solutions.  There is a lot more to be introduced in the year 2019. Following are some of the trends that the travel industry will adopt by the end of 2019 and in the future.

Future Predictions of Travel Industry

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence: The computer interventions and the introduction of artificial intelligence has taken over every field. It reduces the need and dependence over human intervention in making decisions and in handling any task. The big data in the computer empowers this task and help the users in doing an effective web search, dynamic pricing, speech recognition and in handling many more tasks in the future. The year 2019 is bringing many more updates and technologies like QTrace and Bluetooth that will help in locating items like keys, luggage, wallet etc. Offering such technological advancement will enhance the traveler experience and smoothens their vacations.
  2. 2. Cloud Computing: Digital transformation is a great way to maximize ROI. Cloud computing uses scalable computing resources and IT infrastructure that helps in harnessing a large amount of data to offer facilities like chatbots and virtual assistants to the users. Cloud computing helps a lot in managing data across different channels like social media, review sites, affiliate networks etc efficiently. Also, cloud computing helps in directly integrating the user's information with data analysis tools.
  3. 3. More Focus on Travel Satisfaction and Security: Customer satisfaction is a foremost priority to build and grow any business. Initially, there was telecommunication or paper feedback to know to analyze the customer needs, but with time there are increased communication channels that focus more on customer experience rather than marketing strategies. Now the travel industry invests in customer experience design and management, fraud prevention, guest relations, and loyalty program management as a tool for revenue generation. There will be a more dynamic role of social media in enhancing the travel experience that helps the user to analyze brands and to make worthy decisions. All this will help in offering seamless traveling experience that entrust the customer to invest more.
  4. 4. Reward and Luxury Program Will Grow: Although reward programs are already playing a great role in enhancing the user experience and in growing business, with time there will be more advancement. The reward program will tend to offer deals on luxury accommodations and premium experiences. The users will use such discounts and offers to make more deals.


Travel industries and experience will constantly evolve and change as the year grow. A lot of changes has taken place in 100 years and the lot is waiting for the coming years. Since traveling has become a need and therefore people love to make and read the best predictions on travel. These predictions help people to think differently to explore more to meet their travel needs comfortably.