The year 2018 was a great year which surprised us with various milestones in the space tech industry. These achievements accompanied a rapid innovation in the small satellites and launch vehicles. Not only this, there was a lot more we experienced in the previous year. But technology never limits up to at a particular point, its influence and growth are continuous. Experts are constantly working on new technologies and many of them are making predictions about what the future holds for this year.

Latest trends in the space industry

There are some changes in the space industry which we are already expecting while some transformations which will simply surprise us this year. The space industry has many new trends for us. So, let us dive deeper and get an idea about all the predictions made by experts for a better future. Here are a few space predictions which are expected to come true in 2019, let's see how far it goes!

  1. 1. NASA’s Commercial Crew Program Test Flights: NASA's Commercial Crew Program had significant advancement in 2018, as both SpaceX and Boeing met real achievements to start flying U.S. space travelers to space on the U.S.- made rockets from U.S. soil. This is critical for the space travel industry as the two suppliers likewise have rights to sell excess seats to voyagers later on. Test flights will demonstrate the suitability and safety of the equipment and show NASA and the world that we're prepared to begin propelling here once more.
  2. 2. Paying Customer Space Tourism Flights: Virgin Galactic stood out as truly newsworthy late in 2018 with the energizing news that two pilots had breached the space boundary on a test flight. It is predicted that we will observe Virgin Galactic send more individuals to space in 2019. Indeed, I think we'll see Sir Richard himself take the debut flight, and ideally 1-2 additional flights with paying clients. Moreover, Blue Origin will pursue, sending something like one ship of individuals to space before the finish of 2019.
  3. 3. Another Round of Ticket Sales: Most space the travel industry organizations, similar to Virgin Galactic, are sold out 2-3 years ahead of time. Organizations will open up reservations again on a constrained premise once they've demonstrated that the space travel industry is conceivable. Like tickets to Hamilton, these will sell out quick and cost a great deal. Be that as it may, it'll give any individual who's been dubious about booking a ticket the opportunity to at long last submit. Another convergence of money venture from ticketholders will help space travel industry organizations scale up significantly quicker.
  4. 4. The South American Eclipse will Surpass Tourism Estimates: Talking about eclipses, there's another incredible one this year. On July second, an absolute sun based eclipse will go over the Pacific Ocean, a couple of Pacific Island countries, Chile, and Argentina. In certain pieces of Chile, estimates foresee somewhere in the range of 'thousands' to 'a large portion of a million' individuals will make a trip to the region to encounter totality.

Concluding lines

This is just not all, every moment people are sharing new predictions about the space travel industry and sharing about what the future holds for us. If you love to make predictions or want to know the top predictions, feel free to visit our website and know the latest updates and predictions.