Each year now begins with a appraise about where it may end up on the list of warmest years on instrumental record. Last year, i.e. In 2018, the globe experienced the fourth warmest year in human history and this year is going to be hotter than the previous year. Yes! You heard it right. 2019 is going to be the hottest year.

As per a recent report, at present, it appears that there is roughly a 50% likelihood that 2019 will become the 2nd warmest year since 1850.

The top four hottest years have all happened over the most recent four years. Fundamentally, environmental change has made these kinds of shockingly warm years of our life now, and it's an alarming issue of how adverse effect will it have on human survival.

What is the cause behind it?

Atmosphere researchers caution that 2019 might be the hottest year on record to a great extent as the consequence of a conceivable El Nino event exacerbated by man-made global warming. There is a 90 percent possibility that El Nino will shape and proceed through the Northern Hemisphere winter of 2018-19 and a 60 percent shot that it will proceed into the spring of 2019, as indicated by the Climate Prediction Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

El Nino is simply a part of a regular climate pattern that happens when sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean ascend to above normal levels for a longer timeframe. It can last somewhere in the range of 4 to 16 months and it normally affects the worldwide temperature. This year is as of now off to a sweltering begin in certain regions. Australia continues to roast under a warmth wave and extensive areas of Africa and Asia are a lot hotter than ordinary at the present time.

Alerts for India

For India, if 2019 ends up seeing a full-blown El Nino, it could mean another dry year. More awful, it could be the second consecutive dry spell year this decade. The last such back to back dry season in 2014-15 is one of just 3 such occasions over the most recent 100 years.

Regardless of whether El Nino does or doesn't appear, and whether 2019 will be the hottest year on record or not, India should be alert and protect the farmers to manage water, food and other resources to get ready for a better result.