Any guesses how can one become a good predictor whose every prediction turns out to be true? Maybe your answer would be that one must have to do deep and thorough research about the thing he’s working upon. Or being socially active about the current predictions made on that particular field. But that’s just not all! There are many other things too which expert predictors have in their mind instead of simply focusing on the final output.

Successful predictors emphasize more on real-time experiences rather than analyzing what other people are predicting. So, being realistic rather than being always practical is more important in order to become a good predictor. There are many other factors which you must know if you want your prediction to turn out true.

1. Gut senses are unimaginably profitable with regards to making any prediction, the best indicators frequently vigorously depend on their gut impulses, yet recall that your gut can be defective. Your sense is actually that, an intuition, so any psychological or enthusiastic inclinations you have could block your prescient success. The trap is not to depend 100% on what your gut impulses let you know yet to dependably address them: subject them to basic examination, consider any predispositions that may impact your objectivity.

2. Making a prediction is quite similar like solving a riddle. You must have a good think and thus try to solve the problem perfectly. Ask yourself the essential questions, about what the prediction is all about, does it really makes sense or not, does it has a strong base in case it gets questioned by the audience. Make yourself clear and you'll automatically gain confidence to tackle all the required parameters. And in case you are dealing with geopolitical predictions, you must gather as much evidence as you can.

3. More angles you analyze your predictions, better it is for you. You must not think about a situation from one angle only, you need to consider various perspectives and then get down to a decision. Take enough time, analyze the other predictions made on the same topic, and then pen down your views over it.

4. Now, its time to think from your opposition party's point of view as well. Think from their perspective, get ready for an answer you have for those oppositions and therefore stay on the safer side. Simply because regardless of how strong your predictions are, opposition parties always have something prepared to point you out. And during this, at any point, if you feel your concepts doubtful, you must re-analyze your predictions and go through the complete process once again.

Making quick and random decision is just not a part of a good predictor, rather a smart predictor will assess and weigh up things from the same number of perspectives as they can and then present his/her results. And of course, having a good practical and theoretical knowledge about that field is a necessary aspect in order to end up making a successful prediction. Now as you know the top tips, it's time to shoot out! Good Luck!