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DTH will be abandoned by 2025

Who needs DTH in the Planet of OTT apps ? If some company provides you internet as well TV delivered over the Internet, then that is definitely a more compelling proposition than DTH operators that provide TV alone and do not provide broadband or Internet in any manner. One more thing – the cost of delivering high-quality streams over the internet is much lower than that of satellite.

Trump Republican lunatics will be destroyed by 2024 by 2024

People will finally realize that Republicans in USA are either lunactis or WORSE and this party along with FOX their propeganda machine will be destroyed.  Lets face the FACT, Republicans: Trump, Ted Crazy, etc. are either complete lunatics or WORSE! And Obama/Clinton Democrats are a FRAUD. We can prove these horrendous FACTS via State of Healthcare in USA, via War after War after War that Republicans & Obama Democrats sell using mountain of Fear Mongering non-sense, or via many many other ways. Here is the proof via State of Healthcare in USA. About TEAPub...

European Union will collapse by 2040

Most Europeans believe it is a "realistic possibility" that the EU will collapse by 2040, according to a survey by British pollster YouGov for the London-based think-tank, the European Council on Foreign Relations. The European Union will not be able to maintain its free trade dimension so the union itself, including the euro, will more likely disappear by 2040.

We Will Entirely Rely On Renewable Energy For Power Usage by 2050

Famous futurist Ian Pearson said we won't need to use fossil fuels to power things on the ground, like houses and cars, by 2050. Improvements in underwater cabling will allow countries to use solar power from places like the Sahara Desert to power their entire country. Also, nuclear fusion will make great advancements to power homes by 2045.  

3D printers will cut down the jobs for labors as most of the construction jobs will be done by robots by 2057

It is predicted that most of the construction work would be done by gigantic 3D printers that can build an entire house, with electrical and plumbing conduits by 2057. This will cut down approximately 2.7 million jobs for labors. Certainly, people skilled in technology, programming, and engineering will remain in demand, but the potential detriment to blue-collar factory workers could be severe.

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